Thingularity is an engineering services & technology solutions company with core expertise in the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, Cloud, and AI & ML.


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Industrial Machinery businesses heavily depend on manual operation and supervision leading to inefficiencies and have been operating without any significant productivity improvement over decades unlike several other industries. The cost and schedule are typically marred with interdependencies among various resources, such as material and equipment availability, utilization, downtime, scheduled maintenance, fuel misuse and spillage added with mis-handling of the systems, especially for the sites and operations spread across hundreds of Kilometers

With the advanced electronics, sensor and IoT technologies, now it is possible to monitor various parameters, apply data science, analytics, AI and machine learning to provide intelligent insights and decision support, which would improve the overall productivity of these industrial equipment operating in remote places spread across large geographies

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Thingularity Offerings

  • Advisory
  • Business case support
  • Proof of Concept
  • Solution Development
  • Production Roll Out
  • Embedded systems
  • Sensor Technology: Engine and Machine Parameter capture
  • Industrial Protocols: Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, HART, EtherCAT, CANBus etc.
  • LORA, 6LoWPAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.
  • Visualisation, Dashboarding, Business case driven Charting and Graphics
  • .Net, SQL, JavaScript, NodeJS, iOS, Android, Hybrid
  • Communication/Cloud enablement
  • Data Standardization, Aggregation
  • Prognostic and diagnostic insights
  • Machine vision based solutions

Product Lines Supported

Application Examples

  • Remote Asset Management, Remote operation & Monitoring. Improved OEE
  • Warranty management, Operator behaviour assessment.
  • Predictive Maintenance, Smart Spare part management,
  • Smart Inventory and Supply chain. Centralized Warehouse Management,
  • Smart Fleet Management, Smart Logistics and Material handling (e.g. Smart Forklift), Connected Conveyors.
  • IoT based SAAS offerings for Equipment, Machines and Motors.
  • IoT enabled Smart Pumps, Compressors, Motors, Power tools.
  • Energy Monitoring and management of desperate systems.

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