Thingularity is an engineering services & technology solutions company with core expertise in the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, Cloud, and AI & ML.


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Engineering Smart Machinery

Most Industrial machinery businesses have long depended on manual operations and monitoring, leading to lower efficiencies and productivity. Machinery operating costs and schedules are highly dependent on availability of equipment, material, operators and fuel. Even a short down-time of these equipment due to various reasons, can lead to huge financial losses. Various usage metrics must be tracked – utilization, downtime, scheduled maintenance, spare usage, fuel usage (misuse and spillage), along with operator errors & mis-handling, especially at remote and distant sites.

With the advanced electronics, sensors, and IoT technologies, it is now possible to monitor various parameters, apply data science, analytics, AI and machine learning to provide intelligent insights and decision support, which improves the overall productivity of these industrial equipment operating in remote places spread across large geographies.

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Product Lines Supported

Construction & Material Handling

Home Improvement/ Agricultural Machinery

Off-highway Vehicles, Hoists, Ambulances, Tractors


Product Engineering Services

Product & Technology Consulting

Electrical & Mechanical Design

Embedded & Application Software

Network Enablement & Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity & Computing

VA/VE & Product Sustenance

Verification & Validation

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Prototyping & Manufacturing Support

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Thingularity Offerings

  • Advisory
  • Business case support
  • Proof of Concept
  • Solution Development
  • Production Roll Out
  • Embedded systems
  • Sensor Technology: Engine and Machine Parameter capture
  • Industrial Protocols: Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, HART, EtherCAT, CANBus etc.
  • LORA, 6LoWPAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.
  • Visualisation, Dashboarding, Business case driven Charting and Graphics
  • .Net, SQL, JavaScript, NodeJS, iOS, Android, Hybrid
  • Communication/Cloud enablement
  • Data Standardization, Aggregation
  • Prognostic and diagnostic insights
  • Machine vision based solutions


Embedded Electronics
- Hardware & Firmware Design and Development
- Power Electronics & Management : Analog & Mixed Signal Design, SMPS Design
- Sensor integration : Thermal, Vibration, Pressure, Noise, Tilt Sensing, Load Sensor, Strain Gauge, etc.
- Data Acquisition and transmission Platforms: Si Labs, Nordic, Microchip, ST Micro, Cypress, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices
Mechanical Engineering
- Industrial & Mechanical Design
- FEA & CFD Studies
- Prototyping : Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Plastics, 3D Printing
- e Design and Development, Verification Validation

- Industrial Protocols - Foundation Fieldbus, ProfiBus, Modbus, HART, Ether CAT, CAN Bus, BACnet
- NBIoT, LORA, 6LoWPAN, WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, 5G, 4G
- UART, RS485, MQTT, CoAP, Open Thread
- 5G/4G, LORA Communication: Wireless/RF, Edge Devices, Gateway Designs.

Software Development
- UI/UX design and Development
Mobile & Web Application Development for Control & Monitoring
iOS, Android, Hybrid, Mobile App Development
.NET, JavaScript, SQL, NodeJS etc

Cloud and Analytics
- Cloud Integration, Enablement for remote Management, FOTA support & Analytics.
- Data Standardization, Aggregation, Data Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Data Warehousing
- Device Management and Device Data Management System
- AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Reporting, Visualization and Dashboarding
- Real-time Analytics, Predictive Analytics
AI & ML Solutions
- Prognostic and diagnostic insights
- Machine vision based solutions

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