Thingularity is an engineering services & technology solutions company with core expertise in the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, Cloud, and AI & ML.


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Thingularity’s Rapid IoT Enablement Platform enables Product Companies to quickly and cost-effectively design and develop their Smart Products. Product companies can leverage Thingularity’s quick-to-deploy, AI-powered platform to launch their smart product lines at a fraction of typical product engineering costs. 

Supported product categories include Lighting, Home Tech, HVAC-R, Appliances, Smart-Metering.


Platform components

Multiple protocol support based on
product & user requirements

Protocol Icons

Modular Components

Embedded Hardware and Software

Embedded Hardware
  • Intelligent Embedded Design for Control and Connectivity
  • Proven, Industry-Standard Semiconductor Platforms
  • Customizable to specific products & applications
  • Power Electronics Design for specific applications

Connectivity Solution

Mobility Solution
  • Wireless/ Wired Connectivity enablement specific to product requirements
  • BLE, Mesh, Thread, ZigBee, WiFi, PLCC, PoE, DALI, DMX, Fieldbus connectivity

Gateway (In Home & Outdoor Variants)

Connectivity Solution | Thingularity
  • Enables Multi-Protocol Communication
  • Facilitates Cloud Communication 
  • Customizable + Private Labelling 

Mobility Solution

Mobility Solution
  • For Control, Monitoring, & FOTA
  • Customizable + Private Labelling 


Gateway | Thingularity
  • For Device Provisioning & Lifecycle Management 
  • User Management & Data Handling  
  • Customizable + Private Labelling  

AI* & Analytics Engine

  • For Predictive Analytics, Self-Learning
  • Fault Detection, Alarms and Warnings

Key Benefits

For OEMs

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Low Upfront Engineering & Upgrade Costs
  • Private Labelling 
  • Cloud-based customer usage insights to drive product & market strategy
  • Enables Service Based Biz-models
  • Comply with City & Building Regulations
  • Warranty Management 

For End-Users

  • Remote Monitoring & Control 
  • Sensors & AI Based Automation*
  • Usage Dashboard and Insights
  • Energy Savings
  • Easy Integration with BMS/ Home Automation Platform
  • Alerts & Warnings 
  • Asset and Inventory Cost Saving

Pricing Model
(5 Components)


One time charges (Fraction of NRE cost)

Hardware Design License

Per Unit Manufactured


Cloud Operational Costs

Mobile App

Based on end-user downloads

AI & Analytics Engine

SaaS based - Pay per Subscription

Use Cases

Thingularity In-Home Gateway

  1. IoT edge computing gateway supporting multiple communication protocols
  2. Lighting, Camera, Thermostat, & Shade Control
  3. Versatile connectivity + edge computing capabilities – suitable for various indoor applications
  4. Smart Touch Screen In-home Display
  5. DMX / BLE Drivers to drive LED Lights
  6. Mobile App for Control, Alerts, & OTA
  7. Cloud – Always Connected System
  8. Integration with Voice Assistants & Smart Home Platforms
in home gateway

Thingularity Outdoor Gateway

  1. IP67 grade IoT edge computing gateway supporting multiple communication protocols
  2. HVAC Units, Outdoor Appliances, Perimeter Security, and Metering Control
  3. Versatile connectivity + edge computing capabilities + IP67 Rating – suitable for various outdoor & harsh applications
  4. Smart Touch Screen Display
  5. Mobile App for Control, Alerts, & OTA
  6. Cloud – Always Connected System
  7. Integration with Building Management Systems
Embedded Harware 1 2
Asset 2
outdoor gateway