Thingularity is an engineering services & technology solutions company with core expertise in the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, Cloud, and AI & ML.


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Electricity Metering:

Thingularity works with electric meter manufacturers to develop smart metering and AMI solutions. We specialize in design, installation and commissioning of smart metering products with capabilities in implementation of demand side management for AMI (advanced metering Infrastructure) and Grid Optimization. We support a variety of communication technology and energy measurement techniques helpful in lowering financial and operational costs for Power Distribution and Supply Companies.

Below is a sample of a Smart Electric Metering solution provided

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Solution Components

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Smart Meter

  • Class 1 Based Metering Engine
  • SMPS Based Power Supply Design
  • Integrated Connect / Disconnect Switch
  • Isolated RS232 Port & Optical Port
  • Plug-in-Play AMI Solution
  • Outage Management & TOU Reading


IoT Gateway

  • Powered by ARM Cortex A8 Core
  • PLCC to 4G/5G / Ethernet Gateway
  • PLCC Mesh Network Tropology
  • Battery Backup & Outage Management
  • Windows 10 IoT Operating System


Head-End System

  • MS Azure based Cloud Data Acquisition & Aggregation
  • Dashboarding & Data Visualization
  • Alerts & Insights

Solution Architecture

New Project

Technology and Design Highlights

  • Wireless connectivity through ZigBee Mesh, LPRF and 3G/4G/NB IoT
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi based Intelligent Data Collection Unit ( DCU )
  • Options for Modbus, EtherCat and Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)
  • Compliance with DLMS/COSEM for Smart Metering
  • Microsoft Azure based Cloud Solution for Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS)
  • Provide Firmware over the Air (FOTA) upgrades
  • Mechanical Design & Development and Pre-certification support for smart meters

Water Metering:

Thingularity provides water metering solutions not only to measure water flow but also for remote reading and infrastructure maintenance. These measured parameters are pushed to the cloud server at pre-defined time intervals over LoRa network via Mobile Gateway. Utility companies can efficiently collect data and streamline operations to manage the maintenance costs.

Below is a sample of a Smart Electric Metering solution provided

Solution Highlights

Customers, including municipal corporations and suburban societies & communities can leverage these solutions to cut down on water wastage and quickly identify issues in their water distribution network:

  • Water Leakage and Unauthorized/ Unbilled water usage
  • Difference in system input volume (SIV) and the amount of actual water billed to consumers
  • Pinpointing the breakdown of NRW

Solution Architecture

Thingularit Solutions Smart Water Meter Solution.

Technology and Design Highlights

  1. Ultrasonic Flow Metering Technology – No moving parts
  2. Cloud based data collection and billing system
  3. Strong and rugged mechanical design with tamperproof alarm system
  4. Compact form factor for all standard pipe network
  5. Digital LCD Display with more than 5 Year battery life